A downloadable project for Windows

Ok I don't know how you got here, but.. welcome to Autem!

     Here I'll explain some important things about the game, who already come in the readme file, avaliable in english and portuguese, so you can scroll down and download if youre hurry.


     In the XXX century, in the year 2984, the president of the Popsicle City, until so a single developed city worldwide, suggests a new proposal for the rest of the world: A gold rush! Seven teams, made up of the best runners on each continent, run together on four difficult-to-cross lanes around the world, collecting all the gold and silver they can find, where the winning team would conquer the three moste desirable things around the world: Money, social prestige and crossing ability arounda anycountry!

     Now, obviously this is a game. And what would a game be without some heroes? Bold and full of ambition, the Autem team is here to stay, and will only stop when they win the big prize! 

Controls & Goal

     Your goal is simple: Dodge obstacles by running as fast as you can, while collecting as many coins as you can. The controls are very simple, and do not require much player knowledge. I'm not saying anything, ok?

• Directional / A & D Buttons
     Move the character. Nothing more.

• S Button
     Activate the powerful attack, which varies from character to character!

• Z, X & C buttons
     These are the trigger buttons for the three special actions: The first removes bigger obstacles of the scenario, the second minor obstacles, and the third gives you a new heart if you miss your second. These actions cost coins, so use with caution!

• F Button
     The button that activates the ultimate action: It removes all obstacles from the stage! This action costs forty coins, so use wisely!

     Did you know that using the left mouse button over an obstacle you can you destroy it? Or that you can use your powerful attack with the right mouse button? Me neither!

     You can find more information about the game on the readme file. Until then, hope you enjoy the game!


Autem - Setup Program.exe 23 MB
Autem (No Setup).zip 23 MB